Borka Martin Orlov

Full-stack software developer. Code enthusiast.

End-to-end software solutions

Skills aquired working in the FMCG industry

  • Data Modeling
  • Data storage configuration
  • Automated backups and disaster recovery processes
  • High load software design
  • Scalable serverside services
  • Reusable code patterns
  • Writing self-documenting code
  • API design following best practices
  • I'm terrible at web design, but I'm ok at following it.

Back-end stuff

Front-end stuff

Aavikuemand Webshop

A fully functional eCommerce platform built from the ground up as a learning project.

Design by: Tatjana Domnina
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Starlaw Films

Website for a local movie company

Design by: Michaela Engström
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Personal website

Might aswell

GatsbyJS template by: Anubhav Srivastava



Tallinn, Estonia


+372 566 82 519